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    Grass trimmer

    • ModelGEGT004
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    Features: Main handle with soft grip Be adjusted angle auxiliary handle Telescopic long tube with be rotated through 180° for easy cutting along vertical surfaces and lawn edges The telescopic range from 106cm~126cm ( motor head rotated Max. angle); from 98cm ~118cm (motor head rotated Minimum angle) Motor head can be adjusted to 5 settings With Edge roller or steel support

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    Voltage: 230V-240V~/50Hz ,
    Input power: 550W
    No-load speed: 10000/min
    Cutting width: 30cm
    Line diameter:Ø1.6mm x 6m
    Cutting system: Twin line Automatic feed spool or Twin line bump feed (TAP & GO)
    Cable:H05VV-F 2x0.75mm2 with VDE plug, length:35cm

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