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    Petrol Lawn mower

    • ModelGPLM010
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    Drive type:Self-propelledFunction:catcher/mulching/side dischargeDisplacement:150cc B&S625Estandard power:2.39kw/2800rpmCutting heights:25-75mm with 7 gradesHeight adjustment:central adjustment Cu

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    CE EMC GS LOGO.pngDrive type:Self-propelled
    Function:catcher/mulching/side discharge
    Displacement:150cc B&S625E
    standard power:2.39kw/2800rpm
    Cutting heights:25-75mm with 7 grades
    Height adjustment:central adjustment
    Cutting width:530mm (21")
    wheels:7"/10"PP + PVC wheels
    Catcher Material:plastic hard top
    Catcher volume:50L

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